Low Self Esteem and overweight

The psychological effects of becoming heavy – and obesity – are sometimes disastrous. Heavy people are often teased by others who have normal weights. Name calling and jibes at heavier people are widespread in this society. Heavy people are often forced to endure a whole slew of abuse and snide comments not to mention social discriminations. Because of that they suffer poor self-esteem, feel inadequate and are viewed as the source of their own problem.

Social situations are potentially upsetting for people with obesity. Going to the beach or at public swimming pools, because they have to wear clothes which are more revealing, becomes a socially awkward occasion. Those who decide to play competitive sports they often undergo the degradation of being the least wanted. During school, obese or overweight children perform worse academically than their normal weight peers and have lower grade point averages. Leaving school, as young adults, there is often more difficulty gaining acceptance into college and securing jobs and future promotions. Hardly surprising, then, that such experiences tend to lead to poor self esteem and self-confidence. These begin an unfortunate succession of social isolation, emotional withdrawal, depression, inactivity, more overeating, and quite often further weight gain.

The body image distortion and overall body discontent suffered by obese and overweight people are implicated in the occurrence of negative self-worth, so can act as risk factors for the development ofdepression not to mention abnormal eating behaviours. Your body image can be affected – as well as partly determined – by your cultural values and beliefs about attractiveness.

A lot of obese people like to blame any overweight on medical conditions , for example, thyroid disease. As it happens , fewer than one percent of those who are overweight or obese have a true hormonal imbalance, or any other other medicalcondition. While there isn’t a single reason that solely gets to the cause of the phenomenon, likely causes are poor nutrition, bad eating habits, lack of exercise.

There are things an obese or overweight person can do to improve her self-esteem. First, they should get consultation with their medical doctor to find out just how significant the problem is, or if there really is a problem at all. Everyone is built differently and some of those who appear heavy compared to their friends really are just normal.

Limiting the amount of TV they watch would be a good start. There’s a connection between television viewing and being overweight. Most people watch an average of 3 hours of television a day, – do you know what is the item most regularly featured product on TV? Food – as you probably already know. What are people most likely to do when watching TV? Eat – that’s what they do. Watching TV would probably be better limited to an hour or two a day. Better yet, television watching could be done while using home exercise equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes.

Those who are overweight must bear the responsibility to protect themselves from the harm, physical and pyschological caused by being heavy. Establishing patterns of healthy eating and exercising sensibly, they can defeat this enemy so that they can live and enjoy life without being weighed down by being bigger than the ‘normal’ weight.