Heart Palpitations Causes

heart palpitations causes

Finding out if those heart palpitations are normal is important

Sudden racing or pounding of your heart, known as heart palpitations, happen even when we are just walking or sitting and if you notice this happening to you then it could definitely be a big problem that needs to be checked by a medical professional.

If you are relatively healthy, and you notice a fluttering or racing heartbeat once in a while, then you probably don’t have to worry, but you should still pay attention to it. Heart palpitations represent the physical irregularities in the beating of your heart that feels more like fluttering in your chest usually followed by a racing pounding sensation.

What could be the primary causes of heart palpitations and are there ways to avoid the symptoms from happening so often? You may have been born with these heart problems and recognizing them early and learning how to deal with them will go a long way to leading a normal lifestyle.

Fear, stress or anxiety are all things that can lead to heart palpitations and should be avoided at all costs if you are found to have problems with your heart. Many times, panic attacks can lead to symptoms that are very similar to a heart attack, and mistakenly diagnosed as such. Identifying what you are experiencing can be done through analysis of data accumulated by a device known as a cardiobeeper.

A cardiobeeper is usually used when your palpitations occur infrequently enough to cause some concern. Recording your heart beat for an extended period of time (24-48 hours) will go a long way in helping identify the problem.

Heart palpitations could also be the result of low levels of oxygen in your blood, either through strenuous exercise, anemia and other possible reasons. The rate of your heart may still be within normal range even with all these external stimulus that can usually cause stress, but be mindful that there are many medications that can contribute to bringing out these symptoms as well.

Medical conditions like thyroid problems and something known as mitral valve prolapse can cause you to have palpitations as well. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, energy drinks and many over the counter medications are big offenders when it comes to causing disruptions in your heart rhythm.

Don’t forget that emotional factors are heart palpitations causes that makes your heart skip a beat. Palpitations initially are usually not serious, especially if you are of even average health, but it would still depend on whether or not the sensations represent arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm).

Basically after reading the above, you understand you should limit the intake of your caffeine and limit exercise enough to make your heartbeat manageable and thus preventing any more heart palpitations and other symptoms associated with it. Pursed-Lip breathing, is a form of breathing exercise that helps you reduce your stress and anxiety and also reduce your heart palpitation frequency.

As a reminder what one might feel when experiencing heart palpitations, there would be discomfort in your chest area, paused heartbeats before proceeding to another and irregularities in your heartbeats. People may experience light headedness or lose consciousness from the causes of heart palpitations and you may identify whether this is a palpitation itself or not.

Although being generally acclaimed as good for the heart, significant side effects of wine could result in cardiac irregularities or cardiac arrhythmias so it would be advisable to be honest when the doctor is assessing you.

Employ the proper means in coping with stress and anxiety and applying sufficient time for exercise to prevent heart palpitations. If you have any other conditions that requires treatment, ask your health professional for the medications contraindications to manage the possible side effects, and employ the above mentioned techniques to reduce your stress.

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