Effects of Childhood Obesity On The Body And Mind

childhood obesity

A growing problem...

The future and the children have always been used as symbols of hope. This, however, is marred with a twist with childhood obesity; the future is not as promising or as hopeful as moms and dads may want them to be. Rather, with lifelong or long-term effects of obesity, kids face futures riddled with much disheartening possibilities – shorter longevity, poor health and life quality, and compromised mental health. With such bleak prospects, the adults of this generation must take a proactive stance to give this generation’s kids a shot at a better and healthier future. For this unified stand to happen, it is important for adults to understand what causes and what the effects of childhood obesity are.

Understanding the Causes of Childhood Obesity

Obesity among children are generally recognized to be caused by factors such as genetics as well as lifestyle patterns and family factors such as diet and physical activity. It is a fact that obese parents are more likely to have obese children. There is no doubt that genetics have significant influence on obesity. But, just like any genetic potential, this can be curbed depending on the environment of the child. Hence, the other factors are very critical.

The lifestyle of a person is essentially influenced by the family – food preferences, family activities, and family culture. These factors are hard to modify but doable. There are other environmental factors that are very influential and are the ones that the larger society must try to curb – food advertisements that endorse unhealthy foods, overabundance of processed foods with preservatives in groceries, and technologies that foster sedentary lifestyle among others. Because of wide scale patronage, these can’t be as easily restrained and much of the control still remains to be parental. With working moms, the entire situation becomes more convoluted.

Childhood Obesity – What does it do to the body and mind?

Obesity, whether among kids or adults, can bring serious medical disorders. These children are susceptible to develop health conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure which make them predisposed to heart disease as adults. The incidence of Type 2 diabetes, which used to be an adult disease, has been noted to rise in overweight children. Children with normal BMI (Body Mass Index, a measure if fatness) are typically free from these weight-related disorders and run less risk of acquiring the same in adulthood.

If there are more worrisome effects of childhood obesity being immediate and which can potentially run to lifetime if and when not addressed are the effects on mental health. Overweight kids perceive themselves to be different thus feel social discrimination and low self-esteem.

In a study done by Schwimmer et.al (2003), obese children rated their quality of life with scores as low as those of young cancer patients on chemotherapy. The results further indicated that that “teasing at school, difficulties playing sports, fatigue, sleep apnea and other obesity-linked problems severely affected obese children’s well-being.” If these aren’t enough, these kids are more likely not finish high school or get into college and suffer a lifetime of unemployment or work for low salaries, on welfare and single.

Help Them Feel Better

The discrimination that these overweight children feel is not also imaginary in most situations having a society that have so many stereotypes and biased cultures. Teasing come from peers and even from adults like families and teachers. As this is internalized by these children they feel more inferior, defective and tend not to aspire anymore.

The powerful messages that obese children get from the society at large, its culture and the media about ideal body weight and shape only help to aggravate their psychological sufferings. Do things change for the better as the kids get older challenged rather than defeated? There a few cases when surmounting the odds made these kids better and successful. Statistics show that most end up defeated for the rest of their lives with depression and poverty.

There are things that parents and the responsible adults of this generation can do to soften the effects of childhood obesity. In the U.S. Surgeon General’s “Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity”, solutions were proposed. Most of which though lie within the scope of what parents can do to their children. Unfortunately, not all environmental factors can be controlled by parents. Let us hope that the society will wake up with this call.

Lose Weight – Compelling Reasons To Not Be Overweight

lose weight now

Are you feeling overweight? Join the club..

From looking around you and watching the people you see, you might come to the conclusion and think that being fat is normal and does not carry any health risks. It’s also very surprising to see how many children are overweight and to be honest, after seeing their parents, many times one can tell why this is the case.

The older the age group, the problem also seems to be getting even worse! This is mainly coming from someone with an American point of view and with the popularity of fast food chains, it is no wonder that America is no where near the top of the list of healthiest nations around the world.

Through population studies, is is a fact that though there are more doctors available per thousand people than anywhere else in the world, Americans are far from the peak in health and wellness.

Do you find you are in this position of being unhealthy or having a high chance to become overweight? Research has shown that there are hundreds of health problems associated with being overweight.

Studies have shown that over the past 10 years, the size of the average waistline has grown rapidly with this number not slowing down in the near future.

Research has shown that if you are even slightly overweight, one has a 75% increased chance to develop cancer, which is the disease that claims the most lives.

Obesity health problems ranges from anywhere from being mild to severe, which if not acted upon now could lead to a premature death, which I’m pretty sure nobody wants (at least someone of sound mind that is).

If you are overweight, one must really ask yourself if you recognize a need to change something in your life, because obesity as we have stated a few times already, is a major health problem.

If you were to try to change your life today, there is no doubt that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. When people hear the word diet they immediately run away in fear, ok, maybe not literally as that would be a good thing for exercise! A diet does not need to be bland and boring unless you make it that way.

To change your life for the better, you need to simply introduce healthier food alternatives in your daily life. Know that when you change to some healthier choices, many times you automatically lose weight simply from the shock to your body.

Try not to fall prey to the many fad diet pills out there as you can waste hundreds of dollars on them, with the majority of them not effective at all. If you want to finally lose weight and free yourself from obesity and the health problems that come with it, you need a diet that you can live with and stick to.

The problem is that most people have is they can find a way to lose weight, but when they finish their diet, they soon gain all the weight they lost and even more! If you lose weight and plan to keep it off, you must change your lifestyle, so choose your foods wisely.

Are you aware that a surplus of fat is directly related to diabetes, although many people with diabetes are not fat. Anyone who carries extra weight is inviting the disease into their lives. Medical research has already proven this fact time and time again so being aware of this should be enough to knock some sense into you.

To be honest, experience has shown that western doctors advise their patients to lose weight without success. To be truthful, some of these patients do sincerely make an effort to lose weight but it just will not go away no matter how hard they try because their body is working against them many times. There is a solution, but either they are not aware of it or feel they can not afford the price, which doesn’t have to be the case.

Diabetes is just one of the diseases which is obesity-related but again, we can go and describe many more problems. More and more cancer research is connected to a surplus of “bad” fats so avoid them as much as possible. If cancer is almost a death sentence, it seems overweight people would try to lose weight, regardless of cost but again this is not the case. We already know that most diets fail simply because temporary weight loss won’t do the trick and one will quickly regain the weight and more than likely gain more.

No one really talks about the bone damage caused by carrying around too much weight. Our bodies are not designed to handle a larger amount of weight than what we find in the weight charts to be considered our ideal weights. This extra weight bears down on the disks in the spine, which eventually produces pain and injury in the back. The bearing down on our legs and feet often are associated with similar results.

These are only just a few of the problems of obesity and more reasons to lose weight. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and read more of the information on our good health tips website to educate yourself.

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Stigma of Being Overweight

Statistics have shown that the world population has experienced a great increase of obesity and overweight rates during the past few years, and this has been seen among all age groups and both genders.

One of the biggest causes why this is happening is simply because people nowadays tend to consume a lot more fast food but much fewer fruits and vegetables. An additional cause of getting obese and is the inactive way of life people have due to the convenience of using PCs, television, and computer games for work and for fun.

However, obesity is a huge public matter. Name calling and super-sized clothes are just a few of the actual dilemmas confronting the obese.

The attack on those who are obese through the entertainment press continues to dishonor them. It’s truly tough for those who have excess pounds nowadays; on television and in magazines, you’re conscious that all people desire to possess a slim physique. That all people wish for perfection with their appearance.

It was even reported that airlines are considering weighing passengers and on setting their fare amount based on their pounds. They also have proposed charging for two tickets for any passenger who cannot get the arm rest down in a single seat.

I certainly believe being obese and obesity are issues we should take seriously. Not for the shallow self-gratifying purpose the media would like us to have, but for the severe medical problems related to it.

While I don’t agree with stigmatising people who are obese, I believe making the condition seem normal is just as poor.

The popular treatment of obesity and getting obese would involve less consumption of fast meals, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, a lot more exercise, and less time spent in front of the television and computer or playing video games.

Overweight people,if they could, ought to certainly talk to a nutritionist. You should be conscious at all times on which meals are nutritious and which aren’t since diet myths are very abundant. They ought to attempt to maintain healthy food around and not junk food simply because having these kinds of food in sight makes it much harder to resist temptation.

I also believe that the best thing to do to conquer this social stigma against getting obese is for them to accept themselves for who they are, and that it doesn’t matter what they look like; that they have to consume better for health causes.

Obesity should not be considered a pounds issue, but a health issue.

They ought to keep attempting. It is a lasting procedure. There are setbacks sometimes, but they ought to keep attempting. Concentrate on areas that need a lot more support. Think of other methods on how you can achieve your goal and share it with others if it did a great job on you.

The elevated cholesterol level risks of being overweight

Many people understand that being overweight can be harmful. Many of us have received information about how overweight adversely affects health. Much of the info concerning overweight and poor health usually revolves about the danger to internal organs. And when we are referring to internal organs, one of the greatest dangers of obesity is hypercholesterolemia.

Cholesterol is a main component of lipids, or fat, found within the blood. It is carried by proteins, a kind of which is referred to as low-density lipoproteins (LDL). Low-density lipoproteins are commonly known as bad cholesterol due to its correlation with blood vessel disorders. The more bad cholesterol you have in your blood, the more you at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, such as cardiac illnesses and cerebrovascular accident.

You may have gotten bad cholesterol from your parents; however, eating the wrong kinds of food is the more probable cause for getting the disorder. People who eat foods heavy in saturated fats in particular are more inclined to have higher LDL levels than people who consume only moderate or small amounts of saturated fats. Despite the fact that having excess weight does not automatically mean you get it from fatty foods, after a while continuous consumption of these foods will result to weight gain. And whether diet is the main culprit or not, people who are overweight generally have higher levels of LDL than non-overweight people.

Those who are overweight normally do not have sufficient high-density lipoproteins (HDL), commonly known as good cholesterol, and their triglycerides are usually plenty. They may also have an abundance of bad cholesterol. In addition, being overweight raises the chances of getting hypertension and diabetes, which are both linked with cardiac problems.

Those who are overweight are recommended to receive cholesterol screening, which includes following dietary guidelines, increasing physical activity and the use of cholesterol busting medication.

Losing weight if you are overweight can help lower LDL and is especially important for those with a cluster of risk factors that includes high triglyceride and/or low HDL levels, and being overweight with a large waist measurement (more than 40 inches for men and more than 35 inches for women).

Lose weight, if you need to. Lost weight of even 5 to 10 pounds can decrease cholesterol and triglycerides. Weight loss can prevent hypertension as well.

Daily exercise is advised to everybody. It can help raise HDL and lower LDL and is especially important for those with high triglyceride and/or low HDL levels.

Body mass is governed by what you eat and your way of life. High body weight is likely to be a problem for your cardiovascular system only when your bodyfat percentage is above an acceptable level; 32 percent for women and 25 percent for men.

Increasing your body weight with muscle mass through body building and bulking up with protein might not cause a cholesterol problem, provided that those proteins are lean.