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Are you feeling overweight? Join the club..

From looking around you and watching the people you see, you might come to the conclusion and think that being fat is normal and does not carry any health risks. It’s also very surprising to see how many children are overweight and to be honest, after seeing their parents, many times one can tell why this is the case.

The older the age group, the problem also seems to be getting even worse! This is mainly coming from someone with an American point of view and with the popularity of fast food chains, it is no wonder that America is no where near the top of the list of healthiest nations around the world.

Through population studies, is is a fact that though there are more doctors available per thousand people than anywhere else in the world, Americans are far from the peak in health and wellness.

Do you find you are in this position of being unhealthy or having a high chance to become overweight? Research has shown that there are hundreds of health problems associated with being overweight.

Studies have shown that over the past 10 years, the size of the average waistline has grown rapidly with this number not slowing down in the near future.

Research has shown that if you are even slightly overweight, one has a 75% increased chance to develop cancer, which is the disease that claims the most lives.

Obesity health problems ranges from anywhere from being mild to severe, which if not acted upon now could lead to a premature death, which I’m pretty sure nobody wants (at least someone of sound mind that is).

If you are overweight, one must really ask yourself if you recognize a need to change something in your life, because obesity as we have stated a few times already, is a major health problem.

If you were to try to change your life today, there is no doubt that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. When people hear the word diet they immediately run away in fear, ok, maybe not literally as that would be a good thing for exercise! A diet does not need to be bland and boring unless you make it that way.

To change your life for the better, you need to simply introduce healthier food alternatives in your daily life. Know that when you change to some healthier choices, many times you automatically lose weight simply from the shock to your body.

Try not to fall prey to the many fad diet pills out there as you can waste hundreds of dollars on them, with the majority of them not effective at all. If you want to finally lose weight and free yourself from obesity and the health problems that come with it, you need a diet that you can live with and stick to.

The problem is that most people have is they can find a way to lose weight, but when they finish their diet, they soon gain all the weight they lost and even more! If you lose weight and plan to keep it off, you must change your lifestyle, so choose your foods wisely.

Are you aware that a surplus of fat is directly related to diabetes, although many people with diabetes are not fat. Anyone who carries extra weight is inviting the disease into their lives. Medical research has already proven this fact time and time again so being aware of this should be enough to knock some sense into you.

To be honest, experience has shown that western doctors advise their patients to lose weight without success. To be truthful, some of these patients do sincerely make an effort to lose weight but it just will not go away no matter how hard they try because their body is working against them many times. There is a solution, but either they are not aware of it or feel they can not afford the price, which doesn’t have to be the case.

Diabetes is just one of the diseases which is obesity-related but again, we can go and describe many more problems. More and more cancer research is connected to a surplus of “bad” fats so avoid them as much as possible. If cancer is almost a death sentence, it seems overweight people would try to lose weight, regardless of cost but again this is not the case. We already know that most diets fail simply because temporary weight loss won’t do the trick and one will quickly regain the weight and more than likely gain more.

No one really talks about the bone damage caused by carrying around too much weight. Our bodies are not designed to handle a larger amount of weight than what we find in the weight charts to be considered our ideal weights. This extra weight bears down on the disks in the spine, which eventually produces pain and injury in the back. The bearing down on our legs and feet often are associated with similar results.

These are only just a few of the problems of obesity and more reasons to lose weight. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and read more of the information on our good health tips website to educate yourself.

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